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Convince yourself of the simple,

fast and preparation that is sure to succeed.

qimiq classic vanilla

The classics are real all-round talents for cold sweet and savoury cuisine.

QimiQ Classic
qimiq cream menu icon

The smart cream is the perfect choice for cooking and baking.

QimiQ Cream Base
qimiq whip pastry cream

The only cream for whipping with guaranteed success in the world.

QimiQ Whip
QimiQ Packs 3D Tetra Marinade

Less roasting loss and more tender meat with the QimiQ Marinade Base.

QimiQ Marinade Base
QimiQ Butter Sauce Packing

From the classic butter sauce to cold dipping sauces, spreads and dressings, everything is possible.

QiQ Base for Butter Sauce

Tastes like the Italian original. With real mascarpone and a full-bodied taste.

QimiQ Tiramisu
2023 08 Mirror Glaze 42

The chocolate mirror glaze for a unique, stunning look.

QimiQ Mirror Glaze