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Cooking with QimiQ

The QimiQ Recipe Booklets
QimiQ Gastro HoReCa Page 1

How do I use the QimiQ products?

QimiQ Dessert Concept

QimiQ Dessert Concept

2020 QimiQ Spicy Concept A4 Page 01 scaled 1

QimiQ Spicy Concept

2024 february en

February Menu

march menu 2024 cover page

March Menu

tiramisu 4s pack

Tiramisu 4s pack

april menu cover

April Menu

2023 January menu

January Menu

boiron folder cover

Boiron folder

christmas folder 2023 cover picture

November Menu

QimiQ Butter Sauce Concept Cold Applications A4 16S 005 Page 01 scaled 1

QiQ Basic Butter Sauce for cold applications

Butter Sauce Concept Hot Applications Folder A4 12s 006 Page 01 scaled 1

QiQ Basic Butter Sauce for warm applications

QIMIQ Crowdfunding Image Brochure EN

QimiQ success story

QimiQ Whip iSi Folder

QimiQ Whip + iSi Folder

2020 KW14 Retail Spar Valentine's Day 1 pdf

The 10 best Valentine's Day recipes

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All recipe booklets from 2019

2019 KW07 Men's Recipe Booklet e1547554892913 1

This is how MAN cooks!

2019 KW15 Retail Spar The 10 best Easter recipes

The 10 best Easter recipes

2019 KW19 Retail Savings The 10 Best Mother's Day Cakes

The 10 best Mother's Day cakes

2019 KW34 Retail Spar The 10 best QimiQ Whip recipes for summer

The 10 best QimiQ Whip recipes for summer

qimiq meets tupperware

QimiQ meets Tupperware

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All recipe booklets from 2018

2018 KW11 Retail Spar QimiQ Easter Nut Wreath and Co e1543326661414

QimiQ Easter nut wreath and co.

2018 KW16 Foodservice QimiQ meets iSi for professionals e1543326677812

QimiQ meets iSi for professionals

2018 KW18 Retail Spar QimiQ Mother's Day Highlights e1543326691286

QimiQ Mother's Day Highlights

2018 KW22 Retail Spar QimiQs creamy delights e1543326704962

QimiQ's creamy delights

2018 KW23 Retail BillaMerkur Lust for Summer e1543326718659

Fancy some summer?

2018 KW36 Retail Billa QimiQs all time favourites e1543326859231

QimiQ's all-time favourites

2018 KW48 Retail Spar QimiQ's Festive Recipes e1543326874129

QimiQ's festive recipes

Design without title143

QimiQ meets iSi for professionals

Design without title142

Sweet cuisine for professionals

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All recipe booklets from 2017

2017 KW03 Retail Spar QimiQ meets Aunt Fanny e1543326887448

QimiQ meets Aunt Fanny

2017 KW11 Retail Hofer Die suesse Kueche e1543327003343

The sweet kitchen

2017 KW11 Retail Lidl The Tasty Kitchen e1543327018270

The tasty cuisine

2017 KW19 Retail Lidl Mother's Day e1543327119867

QimiQ - made with love

2017 KW25 Retail Merkur Summer Delight Simply Delicious e1543327130912

Summer enjoyment simply delicious

2017 KW32 Retail Spar The Light and Airy Kitchen e1543327142376

The light and airy cuisine

2017 KW36 Retail Billa QimiQ around the world e1543327154603

QimiQ around the world

2017 KW36 Retail Spar The Creative Kitchen e1543327164899

The creative kitchen

2017 KW38 Retail Merkur Light and airy treats e1543327179683

Light and airy delights for the palate

2017 KW42 Retail Spar QimiQ Whip it e1543327193596

QimiQ Whip it!

2017 KW43 Retail Lidl Wellbeing Recipes for Cold Days e1543327231345

Feel-good recipes for cold days!

2017 KW43 Retail Merkur Autumn Treats simply delicious e1543327248208

Autumn delights simply delicious!

2017 KW44 Retail Billa QimiQs Winter Magic e1543327260573

QimiQ's Winter Magic

2017 KW46 Retail Spar Soul Food for Winter e1543327312576

Soul Food for the Winter

2017 KW50 Retail Mercury QimiQ Its Christmas Time e1543327322235

QimiQ It's Christmas Time!

2017 KW52 Retail Amazon The little QimiQ 1x1

The little QimiQ 1×1

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All recipe booklets from 2016 and earlier

2016 Retail Spar e1543327767652

Christmas delicacies and hearty delicacies

2016 Retail Billa e1543327340556

The pleasure of cooking. The pleasure of enjoyment.

2016 Retail Emmi Raclette e1543327358249

Raclette and fondue with QimiQ and Emmi

2016 Retail Haas e1543327410986

Delicious spring desserts with QimiQ and Ed. Haas

2016 Retail Lidl 10 e1543327435547

Magical Christmas Cuisine

2016 Retail Mercury e1543327486575

The pleasure of cooking. The pleasure of enjoyment.

2016 Retail Mercury 10 e1543327455452

Halloween recipes and autumnal soups

2016 Retail Mercury 12 e1543327467296

Festive recipes for Christmas

2016 Retail QimiQ Basic Recipe Booklet e1543327498434

QimiQ - the first cream base

2016 Retail QimiQ KB7 e1543327513558

Freshly cooked - natural and light

2016 Retail QimiQ Delicious Recipes e1543327547728

Delicious recipes that succeed in no time at all

2016 Retail QimiQ CrownOil e1543327564261

Sweet recipes with QimiQ & crown oil special

2016 Retail QimiQ Oelz e1543327579743

Dreamy cuts

2016 Retail QimiQ Recipe Booklet e1543327673397

The pleasure of cooking. The pleasure of enjoyment.

2016 Retail QimiQ AuntFanny 01 e1543327684980

Lighter baking with QimiQ and Aunt Fanny

2016 Retail QimiQ AuntFanny 02 e1543327697934

Recipes fresh from the harvest with QimiQ and Aunt Fanny

2016 Retail QimiQ Thermomix e1543327723771

Fresh recipe ideas with QimiQ and Thermomix

2016 Retail QimiQ Whip 01 e1543327733897

Recipes with QimiQ Whip - The first whippable cream base

2016 Retail QimiQ Whip 02 e1543327744490

The pleasure of cooking. The pleasure of enjoyment.

2016 Retail REWE e1543327756571

The pleasure of cooking. The pleasure of enjoyment.

The QimiQ Magazine
The QimiQ Cookbooks


Get even more inspiration from our seasonal cookbooks. Just browse and taste!

Qimiq Cookbook Baking 2020

The great QimiQ baking book

The delicate scent of freshly baked goods. Stirring, kneading, baking and the finest ingredients everywhere. Cosy oven warmth spreads out. Enjoy and be amazed - that's our big QimiQ baking book! Rediscover classic and trendy baking recipes and let yourself be tempted by sweet fruits or nibbles. A last-minute meeting for a coffee or a big party - we have something for every occasion. The baking season is full of opportunities and ideas and our baking book will be your constant companion. Treat your loved ones to these delicacies - because as the saying goes: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

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cookbook mockup

The QimiQ 1×1 Cookbook

We have collected the best, quickest and easiest recipes in our new QimiQ 1×1 cookbook. A 'must have' for all people who love cooking & baking! Conjure up great dishes in no time with simple ingredients and high-quality products. Who doesn't dream of this? It leaves more time for enjoyment - with girlfriends, friends and family. Soul food at its best, delicious starters, main courses and desserts for every day, clever tips and tricks - you'll find it all in the big QimiQ 1×1 cookbook.

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Qimiq Thermomix 2021 Cookbook

QimiQ meets Thermomix®

QimiQ and Thermomix® - a combination that guarantees even more enjoyment and even less effort. In this cookbook we show you how easy, fast and uncomplicated you can prepare delicious creations. Impress your guests, spoil your loved ones or simply enjoy yourself: The sweet and savoury dishes are ready in no time and taste as if you had been in the kitchen for hours.

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kb 7 300x300

Fresh cuisine - Natural and light

This cookbook focuses on seasonal cuisine - natural, light, simple and fresh. Organised according to the four seasons, you'll find recipes that the whole family will enjoy - everyday but also smart delicacies for seasonal festive menus. Look forward to the springtime rhubarb-nut cake, light vitamin-rich tomato-mozzarella wraps in summer or the warming carrot-ginger soup on cold autumn days. But you shouldn't miss out on dessert classics like the cardinal slice and the winter gingerbread tiramisu!

Much pleasure in cooking and enjoyment!

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qimiq cookbook4

Cook yourself fit

Cooking with QimiQ means a modern form of healthy eating culture. We are continuing on this path with this cookbook. Delicious dishes with little fat, but rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins. With many healthy recipes from small snacks to sweet delicacies for slimming down, as well as nutrition tips and a diet plan for one week.

Make healthy food a pleasure for yourself!

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NR1 300x300

for QimiQ as well as for cooking beginners

With QimiQ, it is possible for the first time to prepare creamy and tasty dishes with low fat content in the simplest way. This cookbook is for QimiQ as well as for cooking beginners. You will find the classics of Austrian cuisine in this cookbook as well as modern, delicious and above all simple creations.

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kb the molecular kitchen base 300x

The molecular cuisine

With this cookbook, Kurt Imfeld would like to show and familiarise the interested, innovative professional or ambitious amateur chef with the techniques of molecular cuisine. The book is intended to encourage the introduction of new molecular elements into conventional cooking and to dare to experiment with new things. The 19 molecular dishes presented in the book are masterfully photographed. The molecular applications are described in an easy-to-understand manner and explained with example pictures.

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