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All about Q.

QimiQ is a Salzburg family business with its headquarters in Hof near Salzburg on the beautiful Fuschlsee.

The company was founded by


Rudolf F. Haindl


Johann Mandl
The word QimiQ is a made-up word meaning "quick milk".

What is QimiQ?

QimiQ is the world's first cream base for cooking and baking and is ideal for hot and cold as well as savoury and sweet cuisine. QimiQ is a natural product and consists of 99 % cream and 1 % edible gelatine (beef). The milk used for processing comes exclusively from cows in the Salzburg region. The 1 % gelatine ensures that the product remains stable, making it easier to prepare. In addition to QimiQ Classic, QimiQ Classic Vanilla, QimiQ Cream Base and QimiQ Whip, the company also produces QimiQ Marinade Base for marinating fish, meat and seafood, QimiQ Base for butter sauce, QimiQ Tiramisu and QimiQ Mirror Glaze.

how is qimiq manufactured