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Dessert concept


The concept is intended as a guide for easy implementation of simple, fast, creative and innovative recipes with five significant advantages.

qimiq dessert concept

The advantages

  • Four base recipes allow for infinite variations.
  • Success is guaranteed through use of the QimiQ percentages provided.
  • Different variations in recipe appearance and presentation are possible.
  • The Chef determine the flavour, creativity and versatility of the dishes.
  • Optimisation of production processes and times in the kitchen and improved scheduling of labour.


QimiQ Dessert Concept

Four base recipes allow for infinite variations.

The QimiQ Dessert Concept includes basic recipes and variations for use in gastronomy. It includes, for example, the basic recipe for glass desserts, which can be individually adapted in terms of flavour. For inspiration, we have included some sample variations for each basic recipe.

Create your own recipe!

Your creativity and craftsmanship are the focus of attention in QimiQ's new dessert concept. You determine the taste, structure, and composition of each recipe. As a professional chef, you give each dish a distinctive character. We at QimiQ provide the basis for this using a parts list.

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If you want to set new accents in your kitchen, are interested in creative and efficient preparation options or simply want to control your production, time and cost management more efficiently, then you have come to the right place. The QimiQ workshops will help you to make your daily work in the kitchen easier.

Book a QimiQ workshop and let our award-winning chefs inspire you.




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