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Chef videos


Hans Mandl


Hans Mandl has learned and cooked in some of the best establishments and, alongside Rudolf Haindl, is a co-founder of QimiQ. He is synonymous with perfection, creativity, and, above all, regional cuisine. In this video, he shares what has shaped him over the years and what cooking means to him.

Karl & Rudi Obauer


For more than two decades, they have been among the best chefs in Europe. Masters at the stove, brilliant in their recipes, and deeply rooted in local flavors. Only a few can elevate simplicity to such excellence, and Karl and Rudi Obauer are true masters at it.

Andreas Kaiblinger


The Esszimmer is one of the best restaurants in all of Austria. Located on the Müllner Hügel in the city of Salzburg, proprietor and chef Andreas Kaiblinger serves uninhibited cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. A skilled chef who is passionate about his craft, you can discern his perfection in every course. Only a few manage to sustain such a high level of cooking for decades. This video will provide insight into the connection between all of this and QimiQ, among other things.

Hans Peter Fink


Hans Peter Fink, an Austrian institution, takes you on a tour of his beautiful family-run restaurant in Styria today. This is where locals, business people and gourmets gather to enjoy Hans Peter Fink's regional and sophisticated cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. You can find out how all of this is connected to QimiQ in the video.

Leon Amon


Relax and enjoy in warm hospitality, that's Amon's Gastwirtschaft. A traditional family business, just the way we like it! Serving regional and seasonal cuisine that makes every heart beat faster. An absolute must-see in Vienna! You can see the connection to QimiQ in the video.