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Make it easy with QimiQ

Everything easy with QimiQ!


  • A cream cake that is guaranteed to firm up
  • Sauces with perfect consistency
  • Burgers that don't fall apart


Everything is much quicker and easier and tastes great too. Sounds too good to be true? QimiQ makes it true!

With QimiQ, anyone can cook, bake, impress and enjoy.

If you're worried that something won't turn out, pick up QimiQ and be amazed at how easy everything can be! If you're already an enthusiastic amateur cook, QimiQ will help you to enjoy cooking and baking even more, find lots of new, creative recipe ideas and be surprised at the creations that are possible with little time and few ingredients.

Get to the pots and go ...

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Frequently asked QimiQ

How is QimiQ made?

QimiQ is a word creation and is made up of the words: "quick" and "milk" and thus emphasises the fast and uncomplicated use of the product.

Yes. QimiQ was developed in Austria and is mainly produced in Austria. For certain markets such as Switzerland or Japan, QimiQ is also produced outside of Austria. The product name "QimiQ" and the production process are patented and trademarked worldwide for HAMA Foodservice. Agrarmarkt Austria has awarded QimiQ the AMA seal of quality. This quality award is only given to food products of special quality.

QimiQ can be found in the long-life dairy products, in the pasta and in the refrigerated section.

Cream is obtained by centrifuging raw milk. The milk fat is separated as much as possible so that the remaining skimmed milk only has a fat content of 0.03% to 0.06%. The desired fat content of the finished product is achieved by back-mixing the two products. Products bearing the designation cream must have a minimum fat content of 10%.

Yes. e.g. soups and sauces do not curdle even when reheated several times.

QimiQ can be stored unopened at room temperature for approx. 12 months in the 250 g pack. Opened packs must be used within 3-4 days.

No. QimiQ Classic & QimiQ Sauce Base are pure natural products, i.e. they contain neither emulsifiers nor stabilisers nor E-numbers.


But: For QimiQ Whip an emulsifier must be used, otherwise the product cannot be whipped because it contains too little fat. However, this emulsifier is completely harmless!

Yes. QimiQ can be mixed with all foods. The only exceptions are fresh pineapple and fresh kiwis.

Yes. You can add white wine or lemon juice to a sauce without any problem as QimiQ is acid stable and therefore does not flocculate.

Yes. QimiQ is suitable for almost all diets, e.g. for diabetes, cholesterol and coeliac diets, light whole foods and reduction diets.

No, but QimiQ contains only 3.7 g lactose per 250 g and is therefore low in lactose and suitable for a low lactose diet.

All QimiQ products contain milk as an allergenic ingredient.